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 When I shoot weddings I don’t just shoot candids during the ceremony and then put all of my creative effort into the portrait/ photo session following, I always think of the ceremony as an opportunity to be bonkers creative; I always look for unique angles, places to position myself in order to capture something magical. After the ceremony, naturally, my creative engine notches up another few bars. I offer several different wedding photo packages: Quickies for smaller Kauai weddings and “Deluxe” packages for bigger events where more than one professional wedding photographer is required. My intimate/ quickie packages are 45-minutes, 1 hour or 1.5 hr sessions, and you get 50 - 120  dynamic professionaly color-balanced photographs,  processed within one week, uploaded to an on-line server for you to download. You also receive full creative rights to your images.  Please scroll down page to see our work.  Request booking information /pricing     See Photo styles   See photo of the week 

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Elopement weddings Kauai
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Same sex couple snogging after their wedding vows in Kauai

Sunlight glints in strands of hair, cast against a slate gray sky,  a hint of the setting sun—the magical moment won’t just happen...but it can!  Continue scrolling page to see samples from a number of different weddings we have photographed.   

Kauai beach wedding  photographer /  videographer Difraser on the bluff above Hanalei Bay.

Our Kauai wedding photography packages are customizable. If you like, we can photograph your getting ready moments, guests arriving and getting seated; we can capture scenic coverege of your location, the celebration activities after the ceremony. A dynamic portraiture session is included in all our photo packages. 

Bridesmaid at a Kauai wedding. Photographer Difraser, Princeville, Kauai.

You can choose natural light photography or modeled / staged lighting.  For every hour of photography, we spend an additional 4 hours or more of creative processing and editing in order to give you the very best possible photographs of your event.  

Wedding couple standing under umbrella in storm, Pinetrees beach, Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Hawaii.

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Have you considered a wedding video as well as a photography pacakge? Most brides and grooms seem to remember little about their wedding ceremony. The excitement of the moment and nerves make it all sort of blurry. So many couples, when all is said and done, wish they’s opted for a professional wedding video. In this regard, we’re proud to offer 2 photo-fusion combination packages (video and photography) for intimate weddings and bigger weddings.    

Wedding vow renewal after 20 years, 20 guests, Kauai wedding photographer Difraser
wedding group Hanalei, at the Waioli Huiia Church, Kauai wedding photographer Difraser.

As a professional photographer, living in Kauai, Hawaii, I am blessed to have some of the most spectacular scenic backgrounds anywhere in the world.   While Mount Waialeale, the Napali coast, Waimea Canyon and Old Koloa town are some of Kauai’s most visited spots, I find that I am never out of sight of a stunning photo opportunity. We have waterfalls right here in Princeville. There’s jungle, forest and hiking trails all over the island,  some walking distance from my home. I often tell my wedding clients, you don’t have to go far for that perfect spot. When I'm walking about or driving even without my camera at my side, I can’t help notice how light falls,  how shadows dance and shimmy, and brightly illuminated valleys play with my perception of distance. When I place a bride and groom in front of verdant shrubery, lit softly by the natural light of the golden hour, I  am breath stripped. When I stare at wavestops awash in a patch of sunlight, while two or three torchlit rainshafts stream out of the lazy mists that are always caressing the sides of the mountain, I am lost —how can I not be spellbound?  Click, click, click, I work my camera. Sometimes I tell the person I’m photographing to move this way or that, chin up a bit, slight turn to your left, etc, etc. But mostly I let the moments flow. I chat beforehand; we discuss moods, attitudes. Needless to say, certain set pieces require some coordination.  I try my hardest to make sure that my clients really enjoy the photography session.        

Kauai engagement photographer

                                                        The photographs below are what I call sunsets and fire.      

Sunset and fire photo at Hanalei Bay. Wedding photographer Difraser


Kauai wedding photography
sunset photography Kauai at Ke-e beach
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Happy clients