Epic Live Streaming wedding video production

Filmed with 6 HD cameras, and edited live on a television switcher. We pre-film certain segments, such as the pre-ceremony—and edit prior to the broadcast, with captions, titles, music. This is not down and dirty streaming; it’s a television-style broadcast. If you are having an elaborate wedding, there are many advantages to a live wedding show.  

  • Your friends and family who cannot attend can see your wedding live.
  • You don’t have to wait for the videography team to post produce your wedding ceremony and pre-ceremony activities!
  • Because of the scripted elements it’s a spectacular viewing experience. 
  • Video On Demand of your wedding ceremony and pre-ceremony will be available to watch later in the night, or the next day. 
  • Post live feed video, meaning the video from the reception, cocktail party, and perhaps the photographic session can  be added to your video-on-demand a day or two later.         

  See example of script for live streaming

  Internet access and strong cell phone reception (needed for the live transmission) can sometimes be sketchy or even nonexistent in certain areas of Kauai.  

This will not effect the live edit, but the transmission could be delayed, usually by no more than a few hours.     

 From $7500