Intimate Plus Video Guy and Suze Kauai wedding videographer

  •  At Kukuiolono Park in Kalaheo, Kauai, you’ll find a delightful Japanese garden, which is where this elope wedding took place. Guy and Suzanne were alone, no guests, but still wanted to have a professional Kauai wedding video to show friends and family back home. They wanted it simple. Fortunately, I so happend to offer a wedding video package that I call “ “The Simple Wedding  Video.”  It’s a master angle shot and some side angle footage, with a thematic intoduction revealing the location. As you’ll see here, this is professionally edited full length wedding video.  Per the client’s wish, John’s Legends “All of me” sung by Kiah Victoria of Postmodern Jukebox fame plays softly in the background during the opening sequence.  

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