Wedding TV show script sample

The wedding television show has scripted design elements.  This is an example of the flow of the broadcast. It doesn’t mean this is it. You decide what you want or don’t want, and we’ll write it. 

From black screen

Fade in: The sound of the ocean. 

Dissolve in. 

1 Rolling surf, the mountains - first glimpses of Kauai (or perhaps a bird’s eye view from our aerial quadcopter.

2 Several quick shots with music to reveal the wedding location, thematic mood such as shots of  wedding flowers in the breeze, wispy leis, the wedding canopy. 

3 Wide shot - guests already seated, precession about to begin.  

4 Shot of relative/guest (medium) speaking “We are live—"

5 Another guest “—For the wedding…”

6 Child guest “—Of (name bride)”

7 2nd Child guest “—And (name groom)”

8 Shot of clock winding back speedily. Screen caption “First, let’s see what happened earlier today” pull back out of clock with sound effect: bell ding…

9 Sequence of shots of getting ready/ pre-wedding fun and antics  (taped earlier and edited ready for the live show)

10 Bride narration. “This is our room. I got up at 5 AM today. 

11 Groom: "I got you beat… I never hit the sack…”

Note: rather than the bride and groom having to follow a script, the director will ask questions which will build the narrative.  

12. Sequence ends after 3-5 minutes. Last shot is similar to (shot 3)  “So here we are, live for the wedding of (bride’s name) and (groom’s name).  We’re about to see the precession, which will begin after this break, so don’t go away.” 

Fade to black.  (this is necessary to eliminate the moments of nothing happening when the guests are waiting for the precession to begin. 

13. The actual Live broadcast begins (unscripted) when the precession begins. The broadcast ends with the bride and groom leaving the podium once the service has concluded. Usually it’s when the officiant says something like, ‘Ladies and gentlemen I give you Mr and Mrs …..” 

Caption “Stay tuned for the wedding party.”  (if there’s to be one.)  Or simply... 

Fade to black screen.