Why me as your photographer 

I didn’t start out my career as a photographer.  I didn’t go to school to be a photographer.  I was taught motion picture film arts. I was first a film editor’s assistant, then a film editor, then a commercial director. Then, after I started to puruse a writing career, and needed the space and time to write, I segued into event video production. I didn’t claim to be a professional photographer until 2015 despite photographing dozens of weddings.  So why choose me?   First off, I’d suggest you scroll down the page to look at some of my craft. 

videographer in Kauai for weddings
Kauai wedding photographer Difraser 2266
Destination wedding videographer
aw so it rained
Kauai videographer Difraser 23B
wedding group Hanalei

 I’d love to have more brides and grooms against crashing waves and stormy skies. Couples in the jungle. Sunsets. Sunrises.    

wedding videographer Kauai

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