Featured video Dec 2019

The wedding video I’m featuring today is from a few years ago but because it’s one of my favorites (it’s got some very wacky guests) I wanted to revisit it. Craig and Erin came all the way from Sydney Australia to get married here in Hanalei—not as an elopement but with all of their family and friends in tow. The reason: Erin is an American; her family lives on the mainland; Craig is an Aussie, who doesn’t play cricket, and his family lives in Australia. Craig has a platoon of close friends, most from his neck of the woods, and Erin’s family-and-friend circle is not exactly small either.  Kauai just so happens to be the halfway point between the USA mainland and Australia.  So the friends and family came all the way from there and they came all the way from the other there. The planning took over a year.  What you see here in the video is a testimonial sequence lifted from the full length feature, which runs over an hour long, which is not typical but Erin wanted a very full documentation of her wedding day.  Just so you know, this is a premium package video. We filmed for six hours. It was a lot of fun. 

Lots of laughs, Champagne, and church bells.


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