Who be me?

 I came across this nifty article on the world’s best known wedding photographers and I thought to myself, how do I compare? Well, I looked at their shots and I certainly saw some fantastic stuff—big budget locations, big budget houses with spreading lawns and stunning brides in designer wedding gowns and more designer wedding gowns and more breathtaking locations.  I was impressed. However, I seriously believe my talent and experience keeps me in a level playing field with the best of them. Each photographer in the article was asked some specific questions, so I’ve decided to ask myself similar questions.  These are my answers.  

Whats my signature Aesthetic? I seem to automatically lean toward an impact shot for each location. In Kauai it often means a dramatic background to frame an authentic moment with the couple. Sometimes it means finding a background that doesn’t overshadow or steal from that moment. Light and shadow is never out of my mind.  

Specialties:  Hybrid photography — a merger of stylish video and photography to tell a more complete story for weddings. 

Ideal Client:  Unique, a bit quirky, loose, lively, daring, coy—this pretty well sums up virtually every client. We’re all unique and I’ve never met two identical couples. Each has their own special qualities. By identifying at least one of them, I can style my photos to match the best of the client.  

How many weddings per year?  You might find the number low: 20-25 per year.  As a percentage of my other creative endeavors, it’s about 20%.  

What makes me different?  I hate this question. It makes for a bloated ego.  But here it is: I’m game. I’m happy to get into the ocean to get the shot. I’ll hang out of a helicopter—I actually have! I’ll scale the mountain—hopefully  won’t lose one of my lenses, which has happened. So there you have it.   



contact me: kauaivideoprods@icloud.com