Why do I need a professional wedding video?

Iphones take amazing video, even good enough for the big screen. So why should you hire a professional videographer when you can use a small tripod, place your phone on it and hit record?  There are a few really important reasons why you shouldn’t DIY. Sound is one. Thousands of couples say “I do” on our spectacular Kauai beaches, with thundering waves and thirty mile an hour trade winds gusting in the background. On your DIY video you’ll definitely hear the trade winds and the roaring ocean.  But you won’t hear your vows.  Professional sound is but one of the advantages of using a pro. Multiple cameras is another. The professional shoots simultaneous angles which adds dimensionality to the video; and the pro’s bag of tools (stabilizers, sliders, video fluid heads) quickly distance her/him from the point-and-shoot enthusiast.  A professional for your wedding video will likely be one of your best decisions for your destination wedding in Kauai. 

Puu Poa beach Kauai just engaged kiss



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