Why do I need a professional wedding video?

The new iphone takes amazing 4K video, good enough for the big screen. Samsung also makes a fantastic media producing phone. So why should wedding couples hire a professional videographer when they can easily ask a friend or even their officiant to shoot video with the latest smartphone? 

There are actually a few reasons. Sound is one.   Tens of thousands of couples get married on our spectacular but blustery Kauai beaches annualy, thundering waves crashing ashore in the background. You’ll definitely hear the wind gusts and the ocean on that friend’s cell phone video. But you won’t hear your service; you won’t hear your vows. The professional videographer treats sound with utmost importance, using a pro audio system with lavalieres to record clean, close-up audio, so that you’ll be hear every word.  Professional sound is but one of the advantages of using a pro. Multiple cameras is another. The professional shoots simultaneous angles which adds dimensionality. And the pro’s bag of tools (stabilizers, sliders, video fluid heads) quickly distance her from the point-and-shoot enthusiast. She’s also savvy with the editing and knows she needs to deliver the edited video like yesterday.  A professional for your wedding video will likely be one of your best decisions for your destination wedding in Kauai. 

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