Why do I need a professional wedding video?

The iphone 11 camera is simply amazing, with 4K video that’s good enough for the big screen. Samsung makes an equally fantastic phone. In fact, with so many great smartphones on the market why should wedding couples hire a professional videographer when they can easily ask a friend or even their officiant to shoot video? 

There are actually a few reasons. Sound is one of them. Take Kauai, my home location, for example. Tens of thousands of couples get married on our spectacular beaches every year with the wind and misty sea spray in their hair and thundering waves crashing ashore behind them. The wind and the sea is all you’d hear on that friend’s cell phone video—too bad if you wanted to hear your vows. The professional videographer treats sound with utmost importance, with the same respect as he treats light and exposure. He uses a pro audio system with lavalieres to record clear, close-up audio, so that you’ll be able to hear every word. Awesome sound is but one of the advantages the pro brings to the table. The pro uses more than one camera, an assortment of lenses and camera support systems.  He shows his pro-chops because he shoots to create story, quickly distancing himself from the point-and-shoot enthusiast. He’s savvy with the editing and knows he needs to deliver the edited video like yesterday, because you want to see it and he knows you want to show it to your family and friends back home, not weeks, not months, but days after you arrive back home.  If you’re having a destination wedding in Kauai, remember, aloha is more than hello. My pro wedding videography, including stylish editing, starts at just $1275.  It will probably be the best wedding investment choice you’ll make!  

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M for manual photography


I thought this image, that I saw on FB was cute. It sort of summed up my post.  Just in case you don’t  know what  “M” is — it’s MANUAL. It’s when the photographer is in control, not the camera. 


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