Kauai Locations  

I like to do my photo / video sessions close to my home base for obvious reasons. Kauai has narrow slow-moving roads, often with on-going construction that can make them even slower and time consuming. Also, some photographically exceptional spots are not readily accessible without a hike.  I charge an extra-time fee for island areas on this list when the package purchased is under $590.  The add on fee on packages under $590 is adjusted so that the fee does not exceed $590    

North shore - No extra unless specified below:  

North of Lumahai River to the end of the road (Tunnels, Kee-ee)  Add $50 vs up to $590

Kilauea and nearby beaches (without trails)  Add $50 vs  up to $590

Kilauea beaches (trails, such as Secrets Beach, Larsens Beach) add $100 up to $590

Anahola beaches (with parking/ private home agreement) - add $50  up to $590

East side

Kealia beach (where there’s easy parking) No additional 

All other beaches east side locations, Wailua, etc,  add $50 up to $590

Lihue including greater area around (Kauai Shores, etc) add $100 up to $590 

South side 

All beach locations add $150

West side 

Add $200 up to $590

 I will only do sessions in legally approved areas


contact me: kauaivideoprods@icloud.com