Basic Service Agreement

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Basic Service Agreement

The photo package. Client is hiring David Marsh to shoot high resolution digital photographs at a specified location agreed by both David and client on a specific date and time, with a specific package of photographs, agreed on before the photo session.  Additionally, client is hiring David to edit the photographs and deliver the edited photographs to the client using a digital transmission service. David’s preferred means of delivery is via Dropbox.

Edited photographs This means standard photographic editing of the photographs, such as calibrating the color temperature, exposure, sharpness, contrast, as well as cropping and adjusting other parameters. If David decides to airbrush and beautify certain photos (and he does quite frequently) it is at his discretion and not part of this service agreement. 

Portfolio decision. Client is hiring David based upon seeing the photographs in David’s portfolio. The client will receive the same calibre of photos in the way of style and color, however David does not take responsibility for photos with uncooperative participants during the photo shoot. For example: Young children are often very uncooperative, and while David will do his utmost to capture interesting, involved images, sometimes this is an uphill battle.  If client wants specific poses, it is their responsibility to direct/ request these during the photo shoot. David will try to accommodate all poses on a client list, along as the client calls the shots during the session.       

Re-editing requests, requests for different images.   David shoots many more photographs than the package description and often includes more photographs in the delivery than the client’s selected package. If the client asks for additional photographs or photo beautification after delivery, David is happy to revisit the RAW files. If other photos matching the client’s request exist, David’s fee for re-editing 1-5 images is $50 and for every additional 1-5 $50. If the client requests RAW files, the fee for transmitting the processing-heavy files is $50 per each 50 photographs. 

Turnaround time: David will deliver the edited photographs is 10 days or less after the photo session date.  Re-editiing delivery time can take up to one month. 

Cancellation. Deposits are not refundable unless there is a state or county emergency that causes the closure of airports or restricts public access into Kauai.  

Weather problems. David is willing to move the photo session time and even make date changes to the photo session if his schedule permits. 




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