Story building wedding videography

Documentary style. The videographer stays in the background, videos whatever seems appropriate.

Story building —  The best way to describe it is with a scenario: The bride has purchased a designer wedding gown that her groom has yet to see.  With a regular documentary wedding video the videographer takes shots of the groom and company at the wedding location,  waiting for the bride’s arrival. When she arrives, the videographer takes shots of her approach.  But in a story-building wedding video the videographer’s team is not only positioned at the wedding location; they have a camera set up for her arrival at the venue, and they get shots as she gets out of the vehicle, her first footstep on the ground, a wedding shoe, a hint of her gown, then perhaps a close up of her face, eyes gleaming with excitement, and only then a wider shot revealing her stunning wedding gown.  Meanwhile the groom waits nervously. The two separate sequences are intercut to build excitement.  

Scripted wedding videography as the name implies, videography that is tailor fashioned from a script written by the videographer. Once approved by the client the videographer builds a shot list; ultimately producing the perfect wedding video. Unlike a documentary wedding video, the bride and groom and sometimes others in the wedding group have to follow the blueprint, sometimes even repeating the same action more than once.    


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