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My first novel…. began with a vivid dream when I was fourteen, that became a wild story swimming around my noggin for years and years before becoming a bedtime tale to my young daughter, which obviously got more and more embellished with each telling. Then my wife insisted I write it as a novel. Thus it became “Into The Abyss,” only it was published with little fanfare in 2004 despite being optioned by all-star film producer Joe Wizan, who unfortuntaly passed away before getting the project into developement.   

Into The Abyss Illus Final

A few years later I decided to to do a gentle rewrite and entered the new, improved unpublished version now retitled “Indigo Empyrean” into Amazon’s Breakout Novel Awards. I was in a pool alonside 5000 entrants in the young adult category. Wow!  I reached the semi finals, a pool of 50, then, bam! Someone else won.   

I still wasn’t done.  I wrote three new entitely different novels and a non-fiction book, but my dream story would not leave me. So here we are: 2021, and a huge rewrite later with a new title “Lightstruck.” 

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