Popping the big question, sitting on rocks at the ocean. Kauai

 Surprise “will you marry me?”

In movies and television commercials we see it all the time: the proposal that brings on instant tears of joy and the most passionate kiss in the history of kisses. In real life, I'm sure the moment also brings on tears of joy—that is when the moment really happens. Reality is less than one in three proposals really come as a surprise, not that getting engaged is something less because the couple has had numerous candid conversations about marriage or that the decision has developed slowly, sometimes over a period of months or even years and it's not really a violins and tears singular moment. But when it is a surprise, when it is a jaw-dropping, knees-shaking earthquake of a moment, it's magical, not just for the couple but for any bystanders who get to witness it. As a photographer, wedding cinematographer, I often shoot engagement couples. Rarely am I asked to be involved in that humungous question: will you marry me? When it does happen, I find myself acting life a covert agent, hiding behind a tree or lurking in the shadow of a building—after all, I've got two professional cameras on me, slung over my shoulders. I must not be seen until the exact moment; I have to watch for the special signal and then emerge and fire off my shots quickly so that I don't miss anything: him kneeling, the ring, the shock and tears. It's like a TV commercial moment, a Zales or Jared Christmas commercial.  See it HERE