Kauai videographer David Marsh crafts the very best cinematic wedding videos in Kauai Hawaii.


Two styles: A music wedding videos; or a full feature w/wireless recorded audio  

My speciality is the music wedding video. it’s story-crafted, meaning I ask the client to choose a song that we’ll use as the video’s sound track and based on the lyrics and the clients’ desires, I build a shot list.  Aside from filming the ceremony, I typically require at least an hour dedicated time (not shared with a photographer unless my team is doing the photography. We also might shoot at multiple locations. This is is not the way most wedding videographers operate; most shoot cinema verite, journalistic/candid. 

The story-designed music wedding video runs $1275 - $3500

The traditional option also starts at $1275 The fee is usually only more when a client wants extended video coverage or extras such as drone shots  

  Packages HERE


My sister website is Skating Bride Wedding Films in conjunction with Aeonoea Productions (pronounced  Ay-o-no-ay. A tongue twiser, in reality the word is supposed to end with the letter “u” but then it wouldn’t be a palindrome and given that it is a neologistic hybrid of aeon, which mean a really long period of time and the Hawaiian word no’eau which means artistic, skillful or expertly. I think it’s reasonable to say AEONOEA means forever artistic.  \

contact me: kauaivideoprods@icloud.com