I offer the choice of a linear video (journalistic video capture) or a stylish essence video, akin to a wedding sequence in a movie, with lots of close ups, sliding shots, reveals, sun-flared shots, gimpses of hands, feet, jewlery, romantic shots strolling arm in arm, splashing each other, slow motion, the stunning location, etc. For a very romantic essence video, your expressed vows can be very meaningful… “when we first met, I thought … “  The edited linear video typically runs 11 minutes to 17 minutes but it can be an hour or more, depending on the hours we spend at your event. The essence video typically runs 3-4 minutes.  The linear video starts at just $590, essence videos from $1275.  As a footnote: my forte  is love story videos.          

contact me: kauaivideo@icloud.com