One thousand years ago...

Late summer in the year 1011 the Vikings plundered Southern England and proceeded to burn Canterbury Cathedral.  In 1011, the Norman conquest of Southern Italy was ongoing and would last another 27 years.  In 1011, the rein of emperor Ichijō, the 66th emperor of Japan, came to an abrupt end.   

For me, 1011 in the Julian calendar is a remarkable year for another reason. On January 1st that year just 2 numbers appeared on the date.  O and 1.  The occurrence of just two numbers in a calendar date would not occur for over a thousand years. 

Now we are on the cusp of that unusual date, forty generations after the Danes invaded Canterbury. 

The date February 2nd 2020 when viewed in a double digit format 02.02.2020 — has only 2 numerals 

Feb 2nd was also my dad's birthday.

 If you book me for photography or video on this date you will get a 2-digit discount! 20% off - one day offer only! 

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