Learn how to:

  • Shoot like a professional, even when it’s for fun. When you choose the program mode or set your camera in the auto position, you are NOT in control of the photograph. How it comes out is THE CAMERA’S CHOICE not yours.  What a shame!  
everyone is a photographer

My snap-of-the-finger one-on-one teach approach will have you taking top notch, professional quality photos in a snap—actually 3 hours. 

You’ll learn how to comfortably select the perfect exposure in Manual Mode and then in Priority and Apperture modes. 

You'll learn how to use the focus points on your camera so that you'll decide what’s to be in focus and what’s not. 

I’ll teach you the triangulation of light, which is what photography is all about.   We’ll go over your camera’s windows and options, paying more intention to the stuff that’s most helpful to your future photography. 

And more!

This is a personal coaching lesson. I guide you through the steps, and you practice them until you say, "wow, I get it!”  We can do it in person if you’re local to me in Kauai, or via an online platform.

Choose either 2 sessions of 1.5 hours each or 3 1hour sessions. 

Total fee $255