Essence Kauai Wedding Video 


In this historic health crisis time, maintaining a six feet social distance is of the utmost importance, I believe. For a wedding photographer, it can be relatively easy. Even before Covid,   wedding photographers sought out the shot from an unassuming distance—the fly on the wall that’s never noticed way. For video and  professional audio it's not so easy.  The videographer uses wireless microphones, and has to place at least one lavalier microphone and an audio receiver on one or more individuals of the wedding party.  I typically would mic the groom and the officiant.   There is a way to safely do this: whoever wears the mic has to self-serve, which means taking the sterilized mic and receiver from a sealed plastic bag, attach it, check it, and then return it afterwards, while honoring the social distance guideline.  The downside to this is, it needs to be done right, and with so much going on at a wedding, that’s easier said than done!  There is another way, however, that maintains the social distancing rules.  It’s a style of wedding video that I call an essence video. No wireless microphone. No microphone at all because the video is a music wedding video that captures the essence of the event rather than the words, a video that shows what the bride and groom see through their eyes, so that family and friends and future family can feel and see too.  When the bride sees the misty mountains, the video shows it.  The waves thundering ashore— absolutely. The tears, the holding hands, the kiss. All of it and more! The simple essence video runs 2-3 minutes. It is not a quickie video fixed on a tripod. It is not a handheld iPhone video.  It’s pro all the way.  And at $550 it is the least expensive wedding video option available.