What is a wedding video?

In my career I’ve hired and trained many eager-to-learn videographers. One of my questions in the hiring process is: what would you strive for in a wedding video?  The most common answer: ”make it a story with a begining, a middle and an end.” Fancy that! Another answer is:  "make it entertaining,” and then there’s “our job is to capture the emotion,” like it’s a rodent on the run, bagged and tagged. True,  every videographer loves it when the bride or groom cries during personal vows.  Emotion gushes. Video is rolling!  Captured!  

But this isn’t  story-telling. Neither is superbly stylish videography, fancy video editing, awesome music editing, etc. But… to be candid,  most couples don’t want more than this, and they’re truly excited to have something as polished to show to their family and friends back and one day to their children. HOWEVER,  for those who want real story-telling, like in the movies, it can happen, it can be crafted. Foremost, storytelling comes in the planning. It requires collaboration, an overall idea that’s then turned into a blueprint, then a shot list for your wedding.  


1. A wave crashing ashore on a deserted beach

2. Man’s foot - close up, on that deserted beach—not deserted after all.  

3. Sand ripples blowing across the beach - the sound of the breeze.

4. Palm tree fronds high up, with sun glints, almost blinding.

5. Man’s foot again - pacing. 

6. A sand crab runs into the water. 

7. Bride’s feet. She’s walking. She pauses, hesitates…after all, it’s a big decision.  

8. Bride’s veil - close up, blowing in the breeze. We have yet to see her face. 

9. Groom's hand. Nervous fingers. 

10. Close up: his eyes, pan down his chest. We HEAR his heartbeat, thumping loudly. 

11. Full shot of bride; she’s made up her mind; her eyes are bright, she resumes walking, her expression full of hope and excitement,  

12. Groom looks up, sees her, and beams. 




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