Budget weddings info  


Simple Quickie Video

The least expensive wedding video option. Ceremony video coverage. 2 cameras, one camera person. Wireless recorded pro audio. Lightly edited. $690

Stylish Elope  

1.5 hrs of video coverage with a 2-person video crew and 3 cameras running. You get a stylized highlights video 3-4 mins long plus the full length video, which typically runs about 18 minutes, depending on how long the ceremony lasts. Ordinarily $1190. The sample here has the higher dimension option. Total: $1440 

Elope package.  

1 hr.  Multiple angles. Stylized intro. Edited. Optional 3rd camera with assistant  makes for a very polished look.  

Designer Crafted 

2.5hrs 2 edited films, short and long version. 2-person crew. Drone $1840


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