kukuiolono golf course

Elopement Videos - the difference between “Simple” and "Stylish Elope” and "Stylish Elope Plus”

Simple is simple.  It’s a polished video with some limitations. While I am a very experienced videographer, when I’m working on my own I can only be behind one camera at a time, which means the other camera/s at times are not being reframed/recomposed or exposure compendated when you (the one being filmed) move around, often asked to by the officiant.   The "Stylish elope" and "Elope Plus” get a second operator, which also allows for intricate motion shots with special camera rigs such as 3-axis stabilizers or rails, as well as precise compostion for the entire ceremony, with a higher perecentage of jewel-type shots.       


30-minute video session, edited video. Elope Package 

contact me: kauaivideo@icloud.com